Image making as a photographer is a creative voyage I take everyday. 

Born, raised and educated (Pratt Institute) in NYC, made me aware of 

the visual treats of life. Capturing a city's bustle, nature's beauty, a 

human face or body form, land and seascapes, as well as mankind's

artistry in design and architecture - each offering
beauty and grace, 

chaos or darkness, raunch or richness, harmony and serenity - has

 a life's passion.

This site is dedicated to street and studio work. The images of the

urban landscape, faces in a crowd, posed models, among other

subjects are taken back to the studio for post capture work.

It is here that I lay out a photographic canvas, and render images

to further express myself.  
Presented are portfolios in color and

black and
 white - both personal and commercial.

"New Work" - several are framed Limited Editions - leads off the site.

As part of this new body of work you will find an experimental series

with tonal blocks, which are new expressions created with electronic  

brushstrokes. I have always had an appetite for mirrored imagery, and

continue to experiment with various subjects, which are also shown in

this portfolio.

I have been working on several Limited Edition Essays in book and folio

forms (see "Under Construction / Editions"). In it, the "Vixen Trilogy" 

is of photographs and verse from several years of my work. "Blue" is

another personal essay, and lays bare an emotional arsenal of edgy

images and thoughts, while sitting side by side with romantic imagery,

which are found in "Limelight" and "Finding Manet". All share center stage

in my professional work.

I recently completed "Storm Clouds" - a Limited Edition Triptych of prints

in color, as well as a black and white set of images - each with subtle tinted

hues adding warmth to the Giclee. A Plexiglas Set with all twelve images is

also available. 

A second site,, showcases more of my photo 

work, emphasizing Notes and Greeting Cards, which are derived from

these and other images - all of which I produce in the studio.

Taking pleasure in presenting the imagery I create on both sites, your

interest and patronage are most welcome.

Thank you