Image-making as a photographer is a creative voyage I take everyday. 

Presented are photographic works in color and black and white - both 

personal and commercial. My work in the studio is as important as the

original site of the image capture.  It is here that I embrace the image as

I would painting a canvas - ultimately striving to make it a finished work

of art.

Presented here are several "Portfolios" with Limited Edition Prints, as part

of an ever-changing body of work. All works are numbered, signed and


Editions are archival - printed in the studio on Fine Art Matte, Cotton Rag, 

and Luster surfaces. Note that Edition Prints may be ordered alone or in a

frame. Expect Art Glass or UV Plexiglas (depending on the size - taking into

account safety concerns). If you require a size other than Edition Prints as

listed, I would be pleased to hear from you. 

I hope you will take the time to view each Portfolio.  There is much to see,

and it is my fervent wish that you will take pleasure in doing so.

Thank you,

Hal Brandes