Image making as a photographer is a creative voyage I take everyday.

Born, raised and educated (Pratt Institute) made me aware of 
the visual

treats of life. Capturing a city's bustle, nature's beauty, a 
human face or 

body form, land and seascapes, as well as 
mankind's artistry in design and

architecture - each offering
beauty or grace, chaos or darkness, raunch or

richness, harmony or serenity - has been
 a life's passion. Post capture

work in my California studio is where I lay out a photographic canvas, and

render images to further express myself. The manipulative 
process is 

essential to my 
image making. 

Presented are portfolios in black & white and color - both personal and 

commercial. The Mannequin and Folsom Fair Portfolios are marching

toward completion. 
I plan to release two editions in book form. The Haiku

Project - combining my writing and images - will also be added to the site


Thank you for continued interest in my work.

Hal Brandes